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U.s.s. Executioner

Rasprava u 'PBF Arhiva' pokrenuta od Sherpa, 27. Listopad 2006..

  1. Sherpa

    Sherpa Legenda


    Threat Rating: HIGH

    Type X Phasers
    Photon Torpedoes

    Shield generators, reinforced hull and armor

    Category: Heavy Cruiser
    Length: 464.43 meters
    Width: 316.67 meters
    Height: 87.43 meters
    Mass: 3,055,000 metric tons

    Type 10 phasers
    Photon torpedoes
    Quantum torpedoes

    Decks: 15
    Crew: 500 officers and enlisted
    Maximum capacity: 4500

    Normal cruising speed: Warp 6
    Maximum cruising speed: Warp 9
    Maximum speed: Warp 9.8 (12 hrs)

    Notes: The Akira class is one of Starfleet’s post Wolf 359 generation of ships. Designed to combat the Borg in any future encounter, the Akira is heavily armed with as many as three to fifteen torpedo launchers capable of firing both Photon on Quantum torpedoes. The Akira class was first battle tested during the second Borg invasion where it proved invaluable to destroying the Borg cube. The Akira’s second combat role came during the Dominion War where it accounted for a good percentage of Federation firepower. Having proven its capabilities the Akira class is sure to remain a vital part of Starfleet.

  2. Sherpa

    Sherpa Legenda

    Mass: 3,055,000 tons
    Crew: 500; 4,500 evacuation limit
    Propulsion: One cochrane warp core feeding two warp nacelles; two subatomic unified energy impulse engines
    Armament: 4 x Type X phaser arrays
    6 x Pulse fire Photon torpedo tubes + 3000 torpedoes
    Defense Systems: Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system
    Standard Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 5.4 cm high density armor
    Standard level Structural Integrity Field
    Warp Capabilities: Normal Cruise : Warp Factor 6
    Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 9.3
    Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.8 for twelve hours
    Hull Life: 80 years
    Refit Cycle: Minor : 1 year
    Standard : 5 years
    Major : 20 years
    Dimensions: Length : 464.43 m
    Beam : 316.67 m
    Height : 87.43 m
    Decks : 15
    Shuttle Compliment: shuttle bays: 2
    shuttles: 4 Type 8 Shuttles, 2 Type 9 shuttles, 1 type 11 shuttle, and 1 type 14 shuttle
    attack fighters: 6 x Hawk-Class or 12 Rogue-Class fighters
    runabouts: 2 Danube Class, 1 Delta Flyer-Class, 1 Avalanche Class, 1 Prevaricate-Class
  3. Sherpa

    Sherpa Legenda

    Evo i poipis najbitnijih članova posade na Akira klasi !

    Lt. Col Officer Commanding

    Lt.Cdr First Officer

    Lt.Cdr Second Officer

    Lt. Senior Legal Consul .

    Cpt. Starfighter Co-ordinator

    Lt. Flight Control Officer .

    Lt. jg Senior Criminal Investigations Officer

    WO3 Cheif of Security .

    Ens Chief Operations Officer .

    Lt. Cdr Chief Medical Officer .

    Lt.jg Scene of Crime Investigator

    Lt. Chief Engineering Officer

    Ens Counselor .

    Lt. jg Chief Science Officer .

    Cpt. Marine Commanding Officer

    Sgt. Maj. Sergeant Major .

    2nd Lt. Squadron Leader .

    WO1 Flight Deck Manager .

    Vice-Consul Ambassadorial Officer .
  4. Sherpa

    Sherpa Legenda


    Type 8 Shuttle:

    Length: 7 metres
    Width: 5 metres
    Height: 3 metres

    Decks: 1
    Crew: 2

    Maximum capacity: 8

    Maximum cruising speed: Warp 2 (36 hrs)

    Armaments: none
    Defenses: shields

    Notes: Light short-range warp capable shuttle found on Intrepid class and similar starships.

    Type 9 Shuttle:

    Length: 8.5 metres
    Width: 5 metres
    Hight: 3 metres

    Decks: 1
    Crew: 2

    Maximum capacity: 4

    Maximum cruising speed: Warp 4

    Armaments: Type 6 phasers
    Defenses: shields

    Notes: Light long-range warp capable shuttle found on Starfleet facilities, Intrepid class, and similar starships. The class 9 shuttles are some of star fleet's most advance shuttles; they’re capable of long range missions between starbases and starships.

    Type 11 Shuttle:

    Type: Heavy long-range warp shuttle.
    Accommodation: Four flight crew, six passengers.
    Power Plant: One 400 cochrane warp engine, two 800 millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters.
    Dimensions: Length, 16 m; beam, 9.78 m; height 4.25 m.
    Mass: 28.11 metric tones.
    Performance: Warp 6.
    Armament: Four Type-V phaser emitters, two micro-torpedo launchers (fore and aft), aft-mounted veritable purpose emitter.

    With an ultimate goal towards creating a useful all-purpose shuttlecraft, the designers of the Type-11 Personnel Shuttle set out to create a craft that was equipped with all the systems of a starship within the shell of a relatively small shuttle. Allocation of the larger Danube-class runabout to starships in the field proved too costly, and with the expressed need by the Sovereign-class development team for a capable shuttle, the Type-11 was born. Its overall frame and components are a meshing of lessons learned in both the Type-9 and Danube-class vessels. Impressive shielding, several phaser emitters, micro-torpedo launchers and a capable warp propulsion system makes this shuttle capable of performing a multitude of tasks. Both the ventral and dorsal areas of the shuttle feature a new magnaclamp docking port that is capable of linking up to other ships similarly equipped. A two-person transporter and a large aft compartment with a replicator adds to the shuttle’s versatility. The end hope is that these all-purpose shuttles will replace the more specific-purpose crafts already stationed on starships, reducing the amount of space needed for shuttle storage in already-cramped bays. The Type-11 is now seeing selective deployment outside the Sovereign-class to further assess its capabilities in the field.

    Type 14 Shuttle:

    Type: Medium Multi-Mission shuttle

    Unit Run: 1,200 in service. 200 lost during the Borg war.
    Another 300 Units are Building with another 2,000 Planned

    Commissioned: 2385 - 2420

    Length: 10 m
    Beam: 4 m
    Height: 3.5 m
    Decks: 1
    Mass: 1,250 kg
    Crew: 1 or 2, plus 2 passengers

    2 x Type IV Phaser arrays
    1 x Type IV Phaser emitter, total Phaser output 800 TeraWatts
    2 x Micro torpedo tubes + 80 torpedoes
    Defence Systems
    Shield system, total capacity 85,500 TeraJoules
    Light Duranium/Tritanium single hull.

    Warp Speeds (TNG Scale)
    Normal Cruise: Warp Factor 6
    Maximum Cruise: Warp Factor 6.8
    Maximum Rated: Warp Factor 7.8 for six hours

    Strength Indices (Galaxy class = 1,000)
    Beam Firepower: 8
    Torpedo Firepower: 8
    Weapon Range and Accuracy: 20
    Shield Strength: 10
    Hull Armour (Undeployed): 4
    Hull Armour (Deployed): 1,000
    Speed: 200
    Combat Manoeuvrability: 100,000
    Overall Strength Index (Undeployed): 70
    Overall Strength Index (Deployed): 200

    Diplomatic Capability: Grade 1

    Refit Cycle
    Minor: 1 year
    Standard: 5 years
    Major: 15 years
    Expected Hull Life: 50 years
    Notes: The Starfleet Type 15 Class Shuttle is a development of the warp capable Type 9 which have been in use since 2370. The first requirement for the Type 15, issued in 2382, called for a vessel based on the Type 9 Class Shuttle but capable of short and medium range interstellar operations, Science and Courier Missions, carrying VIP's and Officrs. the Entire Design was altered from the ground up so the only thijg she shares with her older cousin is the cockpit design. the entire design was enlarged slightly qwhile the entire base design was overhualed and improved.

    This New Shuttle Design was designed and built within 6 months, she was in service in 2385 for the Start of the Borg War, after a few early sucesses in the war against the Borg. she helped to evacuate several Small Federation Bases along the Borg Front. they were also involved in Many Skirmishes on the Omega Front that helped to keep Borg Resourses pinned down in more thne one area. eventuly the Shuttles on the Omega Front because something akin to Starfighters except with far more weaponry

    It was decided to create a Medical Variant of the Type 15 Class, with much less in the way of Weaponry and Armor but a far more powerfull warp drive to evacuate wounded from the front to the nearest Aid Station. These Medical Runners as they were known as saved Hundreds of Starfleet and Klingon Lives as they served on the front lines.

    Both Classes of Shuttles served with Distincion on the Omega Front and Elsewhere and so Starfleet decided to keep both in service untill the end of their service lives in 2430
  5. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Evo i blueprinta Akira class starshipa:






    I presjek:


    Za lakše snalaženje.
  6. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Type 8 shuttle:


    Type 9 shuttle:


    Ostale stavim kad ih nađem na netu.
  7. Klosharr

    Klosharr The Wild Rover

    da, treba iskopat i med-bay layout... trebat će...
  8. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Pronašao sam bridge layout za Akira class starship:

  9. Klosharr

    Klosharr The Wild Rover

    već imamo layout mosta gore... na dnu prvog posta...
  10. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Ono je za Sovereign class starship koji je drukčiji od Akire. Brijem da je ono stavljeno samo privremeno, dok se ne nađe Akirin, no moram priznati da se Akirini layouti jako teško nalaze na netu...
  11. Klosharr

    Klosharr The Wild Rover

    zapravo, mislim da je onaj stavljen jer je tak više ekipi odgovaralao... :dunno:
  12. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Ne znam. Nek Sherpa odluči koji ćemo primjenjivat. :dunno:
  13. Sherpa

    Sherpa Legenda

    Apsolutno svejedno pošto kada si na mostu onda si na mostu i to je sva mudrost :dunno:. Meni to nije potrebno za vizualizaciju

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