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Rasprava u 'Filmovi' pokrenuta od Nea, 2. Studeni 2006..

  1. Nea

    Nea curica

    Htjedoh par mudrosti podijeliti s vama iz "Absolutely Fabulous" :evil: :love: :evil: :evil:

    Eddie: Patsy hasn't eaten since 1974.
    Patsy: A crisp, darling. A crisp.

    Patsy: The last mosquito that bit me had to book into the Betty Ford Clinic.

    Patsy: Easy going sex with gorgeous, underage youths...
    Eddie: Yeaaah.

    Patsy: Darling, you are a fabulous, wonderful individual, and remember, I've known you longer than your daughter has.

    Eddie: What you two don't seem to realize is that inside of me, inside of me, there is a thin person just screaming to get out.
    Gran: Just the one, dear?

    Patsy: What will you drink if you stop drinking?
    Eddie: I shall drink water.
    Eddie: It's a mixer, Pats. We have it with whiskey... I mean, YOU've given up drinking before.
    Patsy: Worst eight hours of my life.

    [to daughter Saffron]
    Eddie: With any luck we'd get Roman Polanski interested in you.
    Patsy: She was never young enough for him.
  2. Aelis

    Aelis Pokémon trenerica

    I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
    ~ The Importance of Being Earnest

  3. kalthir

    kalthir woof woof

    Animal House

    Greg Marmalard: But Delta's already on probation.
    Dean Vernon Wormer: They are? Well, as of this moment, they're on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!

    Otter: Flounder, I am appointing you pledge representative to the social committee.
    Flounder: Gee Otter, thanks. What do I have to do?
    Otter: It means you have to drive us to the Food King.

    Donnie Darko

    Donnie: I made a new friend today.
    Dr. Lilian Thurman: Real or imaginary?
    Donnie: Imaginary.

    Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
    Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

    Sean Smith: Good shit, eh?
    Donnie: Dude, it's a f♥♥king cigarette.

    Elizabeth: You can go suck a f♥♥k.
    Donnie: Oh, please, tell me Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a f♥♥k?

    Just to name a few.
  4. Samwyse

    Samwyse Aktivan Član

    mmm evo par iz mog najdrazeg filma "Waking Life", taj cijeli film je hrpa odlicnih kvotova. oprostite na duzini, ali mislim da se svakako isplati procitati :)

    Alex Jones: "You can't fight city hall." "Death and taxes." "Don't talk about politics or religion." This is all the equivalent of enemy propaganda, rolling across the picket line. "Lay down, GI! Lay down, GI!". We saw it all through the 20th Century. And now on the 21st Century, it's time to stand up and realize, that we should NOT allow ourselves to be crammed into this rat maze. We should not SUBMIT to dehumanization. I don't know about you, but I'm concerned with what's happening in this world. I'm concerned with the structure. I'm concerned with the systems of control. Those that control my life, and those that seek to control it EVEN MORE! I want FREEDOM! That's what I want, and that's what YOU should want! It's up to each and every one of us to turn loose of just some of the greed, the hatred, the envy, and yes, the insecurities, because that is the central mode of control, make us feel pathetic, small, so we'll willingly give up our sovereignty, our liberty, our destiny. We have GOT to realize we're being conditioned on a mass scale. Start challenging this corporate slave state! The 21st Century's gonna be a new century! Not the century of slavery, not the century of lies and issues of no significance, of classism and statism, and all the rest of the modes of control... it's gonna be the age of humankind, standing up for something PURE and something RIGHT! What a bunch of garbage, liberal, Democratic, conservative, Republican, it's all there to control you, two sides of the same coin! Two management teams, bidding for control of the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated! The TRUTH is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of LIES! I'm SICK of it, and I'M NOT GONNA TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT! DO YA GOT ME? Resistance is NOT futile, we're gonna win this thing, humankind is too good, WE'RE NOT A BUNCH OF UNDERACHIEVERS, WE'RE GONNA STAND UP, AND WE'RE GONNA BE HUMAN BEINGS! WE'RE GONNA GET FIRED UP ABOUT THE REAL THINGS, THE THINGS THAT MATTER - CREATIVITY, AND THE *DYNAMIC* *HUMAN* *SPIRIT* THAT REFUSES TO *SUBMIT*! WELL THAT'S IT, that's all I've got to say. It's in your court now."

    Soap Opera Woman: Excuse me.
    Wiley: Excuse me.
    Soap Opera Woman: Hey. Could we do that again? I know we haven't met, but I don't want to be an ant. You know? I mean, it's like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another, continously on ant autopilot, with nothing really human required of us. Stop. Go. Walk here. Drive there. All action basically for survival. All communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an efficient, polite manner. "Here's your change." "Paper or plastic?' "Credit or debit?" "You want ketchup with that?" I don't want a straw. I want real human moments. I want to see you. I want you to see me. I don't want to give that up. I don't want to be ant, you know?
  5. abominacije

    abominacije (/:=D

    bash je kul onaj iz empire recordsa...

    "damn the man, save the empire!" i onda ide riff...
  6. Nea

    Nea curica

    Something's Gotta Give

    Harry: I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth.
    Erica Barry: The truth doesn't have versions, okay?

    Erica Barry: I'm friends with my ex-husband but then again, we didn't just have sex.
    Harry Sanborn: We didn't just have sex either.
    Erica Barry: Then what was it? I'd love to know.
    Harry Sanborn: Can I email it to ya when I figure it out?

    Harry: What about birth control?
    Erica Barry: Menopause.
    Harry: [grinning] Who's the lucky boy?

    Harry Je Jack Nicholson i zato je sve predobro :spank: :tired: :omg: :omg:
  7. Dremora

    Dremora Kreegah Bundolo

    "Mislim da sam vidio micu-macu!"
    "Jesam, jesam vidio sam je!"

  8. abominacije

    abominacije (/:=D

    conan! what is best in life!?
    crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!
    good, conan, good!
  9. pasion of love

    pasion of love Aktivan Član

    Baš sam jučer gledala na youtubeu DUDE,WHERE'S MY CAR i najbolja mi je scena kad dođu u McDrive i naručuju klopu i ova se stalno preko razglasa dere: AND THAN i tolko ga raspi... da iščupa interfon iz zida,a ova se još beči EEEEEENNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
    :whistle: :whistle: http://www.eydis.info/public/style_emoticons//rocks2.gif :coffee:
  10. abominacije

    abominacije (/:=D

    "chuvaj se sinjske ruke... MOJE! ja... chu... tebe... UBITI! AAAAAAAAA! POBISNIJA SAN!!!"

    bore lee, chuvaj se sinjske ruke

  11. Ares

    Ares Gost

    Sin City : Marv kada onog lika riba o pod dok vozi auto "I don't know about you, but i'm having a ball"

    Feast : starac heroju "Who the f♥♥k are you?" Heroj Starcu "I'm the guy who's gonna save your Aas"

    i naravno Snatch iliti Zdrpi i Briši

    Matrix : "I think mikey likes it" Tank to Neo "Hell yeah"
  12. Aronys

    Aronys Wolves Die Young

    Ovaj mi je ubitačan:

    Trinity: Neo, your eyes.
    Neo: It's ok.

    Pitam se na kojoj su drogi bila braća Wachowski, kad su ovo pisali. Ovo zvuči totalno omgwtff♥♥kedup! :whistle:
  13. Nazgul_rulez

    Nazgul_rulez Aktivan Član

    Tokyo Drift :
    Han : Life's simple, you make choices and you don't look back.

    Shawn Boswell: You know, this ain't no 10-second race.
    Dominic Toretto: I've got nothin' but time

    Drift King: Do you know who I am, boy?
    Shawn Boswell: You're like the Justin Timberlake of Japan.

    Alamo (1960)

    Gen. Sam Houston: Where's Jim Bowie?
    Captain James Butler Bonham: He's indisposed, sir.
    Gen. Sam Houston: Indisposed? By God if you mean drunk, you say drunk, sir!
    Captain James Butler Bonham: He's drunk, sir!
  14. Ares

    Ares Gost

    Ljudi svi smo zaboravili legendarni "Luke i'm your father"

    kako smo samo to mogli zaboraviti!!
  15. Valdis Fury

    Valdis Fury Novi Član

    Thank You For Smoking :nice:

    BR: We don't sell Tic Tacs, we sell cigarettes. And they're cool, available, and *addictive*. The job is almost done for us.

    Jack: I'm going to impale your mom on a spike and feed her dead body to my dog with syphilis.
    Brad: Ha, you got me!

  16. Anria

    Anria Aktivan Član

    Film - Odvjetnik, govori Jack Nicolson,

    ''God is terrible, this is his way: look, don't touch, touch, don't tsate, taste, don't eat, eat, don't swallow.''

    f♥♥king citat.
  17. mtm

    mtm U hladu voćke

    Par badass citata iz fav crtanog.


    "If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk." - Gatts

    "When you meet your God tell him to leave me alone." - Gatts

    "Throughout my life...the moments, and people who have defined me...they have all been illuminated...by sparks." - Gatts

    "A friend would not just follow another's dream... a friend would find his own reason to live..." - Griffith
  18. Uniq

    Uniq Novi Član

    Johnny Mnemonic, kada junak sjedne na stol i ceka da mu delfin prosvrlja po mozgu
    "Hit me" - legendarna recenica :dry: :cool: :tired:
  19. Elar-Ti

    Elar-Ti Personal Jesus

    If your head comes away from your neck, it's over! - Highlander, Ramirez
  20. Vanaleto

    Vanaleto Aktivan Član

    Iz Stargate serijala...

    "Maybe one day you will learn that your way is not the only way."
    - Anateas of the Nox to O'Neill, "The Nox"

    "Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety, and music."
    "Sex, drugs, and rock and roll?"
    - Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill, "Hathor"

    "Is anyone at the Pentagon or along the chain of command remotely concerned about their aboriginal rights, repeating history, that annoyingly pesky moral stuff?"
    - O'Neill, "Spirits"

    "Alright, we came here in peace, we expect to go in one... piece."
    - O'Neill, "Touchstone"

    Hammond: "Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?"
    O'Neill: "Handing you my resignation."
    Carter: "Resigning, what for?"
    O'Neill: "So I can do... this." [kisses Carter]
    - Jack's loop off concludes, "Window of Opportunity"

    "It's easy, just jump, then pull this."
    "This does not seem wise, O'Neill!"
    "I said it was easy, not wise."
    - O'Neill and Teal'c, preparing to bail out, "Watergate"

    "Can we stop agreeing on how we're going to die and start doing something about it?"
    - Daniel, waiting for the end, "Watergate"

    "There's a man... He's bald and wears a short-sleeved shirt, and somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is Homer."
    - O'Neill, coming back to his senses, "Beneath the Surface"

    "There appears to be no fish here, O'Neill."
    "It's not about the actual fish themselves. The fish are not important in this context, it's about fishing! The act of fishing."
    - Teal'c and O'Neill, gone fishing, "The Curse"

    "I distinctly remember someone saying 'we're not going to make it'. I think we made it."
    "I'm sorry, I over reacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren't going to make it."
    "Yes, well, maybe next time you'll just wait and see."
    "And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?"
    - O'Neill and Jacob, "Enemies"

    "Tense? Me? I'm not tense. Am I? When did you first notice?"
    "As we met."
    - Carter and O'Neill, "Ascension"

    "Teal'c has seen it, what? If Teal'c likes it, it's got to be ok."
    "You've never seen 'Star Wars'?"
    "Well, you know me and sci-fi."
    - O'Neill and Carter, "Ascension"

    "You must forgive Malkus. He has a suspicious nature and we have never before been visited by Elves."
    - Elrad and O'Neill, "Red Sky"

    "It is our custom to welcome visitors with a drink. Will you join me?"
    "It is our custom to drink. Of course,"
    - Burrock and O'Neill, "Beast of Burden"

    "Do not make me look foolish by allowing yourself to be murdered."
    - System Lord Yu, to Daniel, "Summit"

    "Sir, we can't call it the Enterprise." (looking at the starship)
    "Why not?"
    "The code name for the project is Prometheus. What’s wrong with that?"
    "It’s a Greek tragedy. Who wants that?"
    - Carter and O'Neill, "Unnatural Selection"

    "The Celts were formidable warriors in their time. Their descendants may make valuable allies."
    "You've seen Braveheart too often."
    - Teal'c and O'Neill, "Forsaken"

    "So, why are you helping us?"
    "Well, it's the only way you make new friends. Take a chance on someone and hope they don't make you regret it."
    - Corso and Carter, "Forsaken"

    "In the meantime, I suggest we try to make him as comfortable as possible."
    "I'll go set up a PlayStation."
    - Hammand, Carter and Young Jack, "Fragile Balance"

    "I hope you like Guinness, I find it a refreshing substitute to... food."
    - O'Neill playing host to General Hammond with an empty fridge, "The Lost City"

    "This tastes like chicken."
    "What's wrong with that?"
    "It's macaroni and cheese."
    - Daniel and Carter, forced to tuck into combat rations

    "I don't really like guns."
    "Neither do I. How do you feel about explosives?"
    "Those I like a little better."
    - Carter and O'Neill, getting acquainted in an alternate timeline, "Moebius"

    "There is no honor in fighting an unwinnable battle."
    "Nor peace at the hands of a tyrant... Have we truly lived as slaves for so long that we must fear being free?"
    - Gerak and Teal'c, "The Fourth Horseman II"

    "And what is the measure of a god, Gerak? Is it the scope of their power, or how they choose to wield that power? Would a god who is prepared to lead us on the path of enlightenment so contradict this divine benevolence by destroying all those who refuse to believe in him?"
    - Gerak and Teal'c, "The Fourth Horseman II"

    "That's when it hit me: Sir Gawain."
    "Wasn't he one of the Knights who says 'Ni'?"
    "He was a Knight of the Round Table."
    - Daniel and Mitchell, mixing ancient legend and Monty Python, "Morpheus"

    "The last time I was this bored I took hostages."
    - Vala, not enjoying life on the Odyssey, "Unending"

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